Eric Phillipson
Eric is a Technical Writer with the Product Team at Verto Health. He’s a true nerd at heart and when he isn’t working alongside the amazing bright minds at Verto, he’s surrounded by synthesizers.
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Cho Yin Yong
Cho Yin is an Engineering Manager at Verto Health. He is also a sessional lecturer at University of Toronto teaching senior year Computer Science.
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Aleksander Bodurri
Team Lead, Development at Verto Health | Angular Team Member
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Emily Chang
Emily is a Junior Full Stack Developer co-op at Verto Health. She is currently studying at University of Toronto.
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Michael Millar
CEO, Founder at Verto Inc. and Adjunct Lecturer at University of Toronto
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Mareena Wallace
Mareena Wallace is an Interim Sr. Manager, Software Development at Verto Health. She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of dev leadership and fostering an inclusive culture driven by impact.
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Julia Dietrich
Julia is a UX analyst (Product) at Verto Health. Inspired by connection, when she's not dreaming up ways to elevate the healthcare experience, she's doing yoga, making pottery, or out in nature.
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Fay Wang
Product Designer at Verto Health
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Yifan Hao
Jr. Full Stack Developer @ Verto Health | CS Student @ UBC
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Martin Persaud
Martin is a Technical Delivery Manager at Verto that focuses on interoperability and the application of AI to transform healthcare.
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